What is Crossfit?


CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program with the goal of optimizing physical competence. The fundamental s of CrossFit is to utilize a program that improves an individual’s ability at all physical tasks.  This is accomplished by creating a program that is comprised of purely Functional Movements that are High Intensity and are Constantly Varied.

Functional Movements These are multi-joint, muscle and nerve movements that are natural and are performed in everyday life; effective and efficient movement of the body and movement of objects.  Functional movements include picking things up off the floor, like a baby or a box, sitting down and standing up; walking; running; twisting; bending; getting in and out of bed, etc.

High Intensity:   Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Intensity as the magnitude of force or energy in a given amount of time.  Simply put, getting more work done in less time or more work done in a set amount of time.  The level of intensity can be increased by increasing the load or distance in a given amount of time. Intensity is relative to the ability of the individual and is scaled to suit.

Constantly Varied:  Programs are created so that movements, duration of workouts and frequency of the workout is always different so that the individual is constantly being challenged.

10 Areas of Fitness Covered by CrossFit:

Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.