Steve Hale

Dana & Scott,

It has been roughly one year since I began my journey at Crossfit Virtue. It has also been roughly one year since my last physical examination with my doctor. I had that appointment this morning.

As you are aware I have lost some weight, my doctors records show a bit more weight loss than the dunk
tank, most likely due to my last doctor visit being a month or so prior to starting Crossfit.

I was real curious to see if there would be any changes in cholesterol. I'm happy to report my cholesterol numbers have all moved in the right directions. Total cholesterol is lower. Bad cholesterol is lower, and the good cholesterol is higher, so much so that the doctor says it is at a level where it is removing plaque.

As the doctor was reviewing my medications, he suggested that I STOP taking my blood pressure medication! He does want to see me back in three months to see how the blood pressure looks.

All of the above not to boast, but to say a heartfelt "Thank You", and yet, those two small words don't capture or express the magnitude of my gratitude. I honestly do not think I could have done this without you. Thank you both so much for your coaching, patience and friendship.


Tanya - Testimonial


I had never heard of CrossFit before until my coworker pulled up a YouTube video for me to see what it was. I was intimidated at first but still found it intriguing. Since CrossFit Virtue had a special going on, we decided to buy and "suffer" together. If it was too hard we could quit with no regrets. So we purchased the deal for 20 classes only. That was 7 months ago. The first few classes were challenging and I couldn't imagine even doing it for 2 days in a row. I wondered who would even do such a thing and I couldn't imagine doing it everyday.

Now I go in 4 days a week and I'm lifting weights I never thought a woman like myself could lift. I even look forward to going in and see what WOD is that day. I have noticed a change in my body and this is even motivating me more. I'm more committed than ever now that I see the results I that I was looking for. Thanks to CrossFit Virtue coaches who are there every step of the way: Dana, Scott, Eddie and Enoch. I love it!

- Tanya