Athlete of the Month: August 2013

Aug 28th, 2013

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Athlete of the Month: August 2013

athlete of the month_august

This month we have 2, yes TWO athletes of the month!  Kandice Winn and Paco Aguilar!  Both these people are awesome not only as athletes, but as poeple in general.

Kandice comes in 6 days a week to train (and babysit Coach Scott and Dana’s son-lol).  Paco also comes in religiously to train and tries to make it in 6 days a week, even though he works up to 7 days a week and sometimes 12 hour shifts.  Both come in ready to train hard.  They are constantly working to improve themselves by staying long after the class.  Not only are they great atheltes, but Kandice and Paco are also great people; kind and supportive.  They are the loudest cheerleaders; cheering on other athletes even when they may be struggling to breathe!

It’s a joy and blessing having Paco and Kandice a part of Virtue.

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